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Massage  -  Lipo Laser  -  Body Sculpting  -  Radio Frequency  - Fat Cavitation

Rethink self care.


Whether you come to us to freshen your appearance, slow down the aging process, or increase your well-being, we make sure your held, respected, loved on and seen, mind,  body, and soul.

We help uncover the look you desire, while embracing and loving on the body you have. Because, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

Judgment-free treatments, always.

Our team are heartfelt bodyworkers. We carry  out all services in our spa with authentic, loving intentions, always.


We help to create the body and face you desire and DESERVE TO HAVE.


Do you have some stubborn fat? Maybe you're you noticing cellulite in weird places, let's get a handle on it. Maybe you have chronic pain and need deep tissue massage or a sauna blanket with a lymph drain and a coffee scub, we do that too!

Jen Cardin
 CEO and Founder of JenofEve

At JenofEve you will always encounter a loving and supportive staff.

Judgment-free treatments, capable loving hands, and a listening ear. 

Face Massage

Facelifts with red light + massage + a whole lotta love

Aging... it's happening.... and it is a complex process involving changes in skin texture, loss of facial hydration and weakening soft tissue support and collagen production.  


At JenofEve, we take an holistic approach to our face and bodywork. We rejuvenate your skin tone, texture, and tightness with non invasive treatments to revitalize your skin's natural beauty. 


Time to brighten and tighten your skin, without the scalpel!

body sculpting techniques

So you have some trouble spots? Saggy skin? Wrinkles? Are stretch marks getting the best of you?


Come on into our intimate spa in Redding, CA to revive and replenish your natural collagen.  


Let's improve the overall tone and texture of your skin, anywhere on your body... yes anywhere!

Try any one of our non-invasive solutions for your "trouble spots." 

We use wooden body sculpting tools, vacuum therapy, red light therapy, cool sculpting, massage and essential oils to heal your body and tighten your skin.


We use top of line technology including:
  • Radio Frequency

  • Fat Cavitation

  • Lipo Laser

  • Fascia Blasting

Come in for a visit and feel good in your skin again.

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