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My mission.

I built JenofEve with a mission to give you a safe place to go deeper into what your mind and body are telling you. To uncover the layers of hurt to release your true divine soul. To guide you towards a fully empowered woman.


It's time to release what holds you back.


It's time.


Let's do this - I'm here for you.

Reach out to set up our first call. 


I will hold space for you.
I will lead with my heart.
I will be honest.
I will be authentic.

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What is Jenofeve?

JenofEve is the name I chose for really only one true reason. Growing up my mom would usually call me Jen.
Jennifer if I was in trouble, and Genevieve when she was especially happy or feeling proud of me for something.


To this day she calls me her little Genevieve. As does my partner. It makes me feel an instant hit of utter jubilation to hear it. I wanted to incorporate my mom into every part of my process that I could because she is truly my best friend and my biggest fan. 

Also Eve was the OG badass bitch ;)

Emotional Diet

I have developed an awesome new program, "The Emotional Diet" with an outlook on how to overcome obstacles that are holding you back. Clearing thoughts, emotions that are in the way of YOU living the life that YOU dream of.


The life that YOU deserve.

Lotus Flower

Your new emotional diet will reprogram your mind.

Sacred water pitcher

Together we will tailor your thoughts specific to your desires.


We will gain a clear understanding of how the life of your dreams actually FEELS.

Schedule your first call.

What's the story you're telling yourself? What emotions are you feeding yourself? What is it you truly desire? What's holding you back?

It's time to move forward!

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