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Healing from the outside in.

We manifest through our emotions. That is what the universe picks up on - our feelings. Our bodies also pick up on our thoughts.


When you hold onto trauma, your body finds a way to store it. That can be in fat, wrinkles, loose skin, or tight muscles, it can be anywhere in your body.


I am here to help you find a better way. I am here to help you move through your stored and stuck memories by moving them out of your body... literally.


Meet Jen

Jen Cardin - Founder of Jen of Eve

I'm here to help you look at what you are feeling, what are you thinking, what emotional responses you are having and WHY you are having them.

Our bodies are our tools to understand our souls in this life. Let's not give up on our bodies, let's nurture them every which way we can.


As we begin to heal and transform your physically body, your emotional and soul body come to the surface.

It is an incredible journey to physically move trauma out through body sculpting, massage and light therapy.


When you work with us, you are held and coached through the emotional journey that surfaces for you. Heal that shame. Heal the guilt. Heal the child inside.

Jen of Eve is more than a makeover. We heal from the outside in.

Enjoy, Attract, Evolve.

I am going to help identify the false light templates, the matrix plug-ins, the mind conditioning beliefs that you have gotten stuck in and help YOU transcend these thoughts and replace them with the divine knowledge that YOU have everything you need and it's so accessible.


It's that 'simple.' 

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