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Emotional Diet with Relationships

Just because it's on the “buffet” doesn't mean you have to put it on your plate.

Let people have their shit! Let them be HUMANS, they will learn and move through it.

We all do. It doesn’t mean you have to take on their emotions!

Letting people have their shit. It's their shit for a reason!

I know it's hard to watch people we love feel pain. Sometimes it feels like a personal attack.

I promise you, it's usually not. Your person is reacting from a frightened part of their personality.

When we can observe a situation just as it is. Refrain from labeling it or deeming it good or bad. When we don’t attach a meaning. We don’t let it alter our frequency in any way. We just allow it.This is exercising authentic power my friends.

We can make all the difference just being there. Listening. Learning. Practicing together.

Be a safe place for your person, just don’t take on their pain. Hold space. Don’t judge it. Don’t put it on your plate.


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