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Fasting from negative thoughts and/or people.

After reading this you will begin to become aware of some “ negative” thoughts. Unfortunately - lots of them.

When you begin “fasting” you simply do not let those nasty thoughts hang around. You notice it and counteract it with a “silver lining” or some sort of gratitude. As soon as you can, pick a new thought off of your emotional menu and feel a more pleasant emotion. Make a lsit of things you enjoy thinking about and have those as your emotional snacks. This take practice! Seriously, it sounds easy, right? Yeah - hard to do in the moment of a shit storm of thoughts - so pack you a snack bag of happy thoughts (lol) to digest easily and quickly.

You already know that your negative or defeating or limiting thoughts are on the loaded emotional buffet. You know exactly what they look like, smell like, taste like, feel like. They have gotten you this far in life and so it makes sense to just keep choosing the same thoughts, the same beliefs, safe and sound, that's your emotional "Comfort Food"


There is an entire WORLD of possibility.

Literally ANYTHING you want. It's all available.

Humans are the such powerful creators. We are multidimensional. We can access all timelines. Memories are a recollection of the past and imagination is the vision of the future. Lead with all of your heart. You know this comfort food isn't serving your higher self. So, it's time to go on a negative thought/person/habit fast.

When you work with me, we will find your emotional patterns that have led you to those people, places, things that vibrate at a frequency that no longer resonates with your self. Read that again.

Our emotional norm, that's our emotional "comfort food" - staying stuck in low vibe frequencies, low vibe emotions, low vibe thoughts. We developed relationships with many others (maybe) while we were living in this vibration. Friends, family, coworkers, partners. Bonded through pain and trauma.

Don't stay in relationships based ONLY on trauma bonding. You will stay there, in that story, in that energy, and "there" can be a dangerous place.

You may find that some of these relationships need to take a bit of a backseat for a little stretch of your journey. Not saying to ditch these folks AT ALL, look at how you feel around people. Do they make you happy? Do you feel irritated and upset after you hang out? Do you feel good, or do you feel hopeless? Look at what emotions you experience around people and places. Did you feel that? That's your intuition sending you the answer. Listen to it. You know who and what you need to fast from, so do it! I know you can.

Consider it may be hard to “be yourself” around the people that you might just should take a break from. Jus' sayin'

If someone is stuck in an old story that you want to move past, move through and they can not, consider limiting time so you don't keep reliving the trauma. And feeling like shit every time your'e around them.

Gosh - this is so deep it's hard to blog about. I hope if you're reading this, that you reach out to talk. I'm here to hold space and help you find clarity for what your emotional diet is and who keeps throwing emotional junk food on your plate? Let's talk. Seriously - schedule a call!


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