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Emotions out of control?

We need to be thought prepping more.

How often do your emotions go out of control? Let's take time to get really clear on what we desire and make a plan to focus on those things. Dare I say DAY DREAM.

Now that you’re aware of your negative thoughts, from one of my previous blogs what do you do now? Be mad that you're a negative thinker.

hahahha No. Wrong.You laugh at it. You hug your scared inner child, pat her on the head and smile. And after coaching with me, you will have an arsenal of silver linings and gratitude. You will have a clear understanding of what you want and what you have to do to get it. You will have a sense of renewal as we integrate you mind, body, and soul to work together in achieving your wildest dreams!

What thoughts are you choosing for your emotional diet?

We all have our 3 lists.
  1. Our FUCK YEAH list

  2. Our FUCK NO list

  3. And our FUCK MAYBE list.

This is something we will be cleaning up and getting clear on during our coaching calls. What are your fuck yes’s?? Fuck nos? Fuck maybes?

And honestly the FUCK MAYBE list, we're gonna clean that up. Cuz, if its not a FUCK YES its a FUCK NO. Let me know when you're ready to get rolling on your "Emotional Diet" coaching, it's so simple, so powerful.


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